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We've moved...to Wednesday nights!
Beginning in 2017, WTSRA meetings are moving to Wednesdays!


* For those who have not made five WTSRA meetings, and need to take a recertification class prior to taking the recertification test, a recert class will be offered in Jackson, TN on Saturday, December 30th.  You can register for class on the SOTN website > Approved Classes > Recert (Grade 8) w online exam > Class #23320.

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  Next Meeting:  Wednesday, December 13th, 2017
6:30 pm @ Mike Rose Soccer Complex
(Stadium Conference Room) 

2017 Meeting Schedule
(All Meetings At 6:30 pm at Mike Rose Soccer Complex
unless otherwise specified) 
No January Meeting  No July Meeting 
Wednesday, February 8  Wednesday, August 9 
Wednesday, March 8 Wednesday, September 13 
Wednesday, April 12  Wednesday, October 11 
Wednesday, May 10 Wednesday, November 8 
Wednesday, June 14 Wednesday, December 13 

Attendance Log for 2017 WTSRA Meetings

Thank you for refereeing in the Fall 2017 tournaments!  The schedule of Spring 2018 tournaments will be posted at RefereeInMemphis.com shortly. (powered by GameOfficials.net.)

  • Soccer Elite - September 8/9/10
  • Rose Cup - September 22/23/24
  • Wolf River Classic (Boys) - October 13/14/15
  • Wolf River Classic (Girls) - October 20/21/22
  • Germantown Invitational (Boys U9-U14) - November 11/12
  • Germantown Invitational (Girls U9-U14) - November 18/19
  • Germantown Invitational (Boys U15-U19) - December 2/3
  • Germantown Invitational (Girls U15-U19) - December 9/10

    Entry-level referee classes are offered throughout the year.

A schedule of available classes for both new referees and referee recertification, are available on the Soccer Officials Of Tennessee website.  Click below for more details:

Beginner/New Referees:  Details
Recertification Classes:  Details

Tennessee State
Soccer Association
Soccer Officials
Of Tennessee 
United States
Soccer Federation
Tennessee Secondary School
Athletic Association

The West Tennessee Soccer Referee Association serves all referees in the western counties of Tennessee and some counties of northern Mississippi.
WTSRA coordinates with the local soccer associations such as MSSF, GMSA, GSC, NISOA, and others through service contracts and general support.

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